Machine Operator


job description

Amesbury Truth is looking for hard working, motivated individuals to join our team. Come by Monday-Wednesday 9am -5pm for an application or fill one out on our website  at We offer great perks like a temperature controlled environment as well as competitive benefits, PTO, and pay rates starting at $15/ hour, just to name a few!

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

1. Follows all standard safety procedures as outlined and stated in the Awair Policy and uses all approved safety devices and equipment at all times.

2. Is required and actively participates in the cell structure.

3. Reads and understands blue prints and job package.

4. Completes paper work accurately, completely and neatly.

5. Does a thorough quality check on all profiles and lengths according to the procedures. Also performs quality double checks for other lines.

6. Capable of doing changeovers, and adjustments in order to maintain a quality product.

7. Works to ensure changeovers are done correctly and as fast as possible.

8. Ensures recipe cards are updated, filled out completely and changes are recorded and followed.

9. Ensures all tools are put back and accounted for.

10. Willingly works in other departments as required.

11. Has the technical knowledge to fill in as Team Lead for as long as needed.

12. Able to work in a team environment. Helps others without being asked.

13. Willingly takes direction from the Team Lead, and communicates well with Team Lead and others.

14. Trains and instructs other personnel including seasonal support.

15. Does all TPM according to the TPM schedule.

16. Practices good housekeeping by sweeping the floor, and general clean up.

17. Is responsible for 1 on 1 direction of seasonal support.

18. May be required to perform other duties as needed.

Knowledge / Skills / Abilities

1. Standing, bending, lifting, twisting, and walking on concrete floor.

2. Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.

3. High school or equivalent degree.

4. Ability to work in a cooperative manner with others.

5. Must be able to work 12 hour shifts on a 3-2-2-3 schedule, 5:45-6 am-pm, pm-am

contact information

business: AmesburyTruth
address: 125 Amesbury Truth Dr
Statesville, NC 28625
phone: 704-924-8586 (Call Now)